Stefan Camenzind, Partner, Executive Director

Stefan Camenzind, founder and executive director of Evolution Design, worked in London and Paris before founding his architecture practice in 2004.

Stefan has developed unique tailor-made research methods to help clients gather precise data about their future projects and oversees the process from the strategy, research and analysis phase until the move-in day

As strategic lead Stefan is responsible for the setup and execution of many award-winning projects, including Google offices worldwide, the new PwC workplace in Basel, and single-family house Flexhouse in Meilen.

«Our strive is the user satisfaction! Taking the right approach to a project makes all the difference to the work process and the final outcome.»

Tanya Ruegg, Partner, Creative Director

Tanya Ruegg who trained as an architect at the Royal College of Art in London is creative director and the company’s inventive force, leading a wide range of projects including office, residential, cultural and commercial buildings. 

Tanya has been responsible for a number of projects that have pioneered new design solutions for workplace interiors, including Google offices in Zurich, Tel Aviv and Dublin, she was also leading the concept for the probably most modern bank in Germany, the Team Bank in Nuremberg as well as a 200’000 m2  e-commerce campus in Bangalore, India.

«Emotional comfort is more than about feeling safe and protected. It is about living, working and moving in an environment, which suits our personalities, matches our senses, energizes our bodies and stimulates us to achieve our best performance.»

Marco Noch, Partner, Technical Director

Marco Noch is technical director and company’s hi-tech strength. He worked in the Netherlands and Germany before joining Evolution Design in 2004.

Marco is the technical lead of a wide range of projects, including award-winning sports halls, the iconic office building Cocoon and most recently the striking single-family house Flexhouse.

Marco has worked on a number of projects that have pioneered new techniques for energy saving and resource management, including the Minergie-certified residential development K.I.S.S. and the sports hall Neumatt.

«Our projects are a result of great teamwork: they are a synergy of highly skilled engineering knowledge and cutting edge creativity with an extra focus on human emotional needs.»

Nicole Buschor, Management Director

Nicole Buschor is management director of Evolution Design. She optimises our company’s internal structures and supports our team by empowering them to deliver the best service to our clients.

Nicole sets up management processes, which are uniquely tailored to each project. She ensures that in working closely with clients we are able to deliver our project to the client’s objectives, and on time and on budget.

Nicole’s analytical skills and working methods enable us to manage our projects proactively and highly successfully.

«Factual, economical and legal aspects are important factors within a project. Analytical procedures and profound knowledge enable us to create the best business solutions for the most complex setups.»