Evolution Design Services


We offer full architectural services from concept till hand over. Our unique working method aligns the best of our creativity, technical knowledge and process management, enabling very innovative and highly successful architectural projects.

Project Management

  • Our Project Management Services ensure that our clients interest are taken care off during the entire project.
  • We manage and coordinate the design team.
  • We develop and bench mark the budget.
  • We ensure a fast and tight timeline. 

Brief Development

  • We have extensive experience in the development of client briefs.
  • With the successful set up and implementation of Evidence Based Design Processes (Google, Unilever, Credit Suisse) and our detailed Benchmarking tools, we are able to develop design briefs which optimize space requirements and the same time deliver an amazing work environment supporting innovation, motivation and productivity.

Workplace Design

  • We are your partners for success in the workplace. We understand that workplace design is indeed not about design but about HOW we work TODAY and in the FUTURE and how we can encourage COLLABORATION and KNOWLEDGE sharing/creation as well as fusing IDENTITY, BRANDING and Company CULTURE into the workplace design.

Global Strategies / Local Implementation:

  • We are highly experienced in working with global corporations in international teams including their IT/AV partners. We have proven processes how global strategies can optimally be transferred into a local country context - e.g. our very successful Google office fit outs in Tel Aviv, Moscow, Stockholm, Dublin and Zurich.

LEED Champions

  • LEED Platinum for Google Office Dublin, LEED Gold for Google Office Tel Aviv